About Us

Stanpet Project Water Technology Ltd, is an environmental technology and process solutions provider and has all the human resources and capacity required to keep on providing a range of water treatment and management solutions to food and beverages industries in Nigeria and Africa at large.
Currently a Nigerian provider of end to end water solutions for food and beverages industries,#TeamStanpet as usual will always employ a broad-based technology portfolio and operations management expertise to deliver programs for incoming water treatment, process water conditioning,process filtration,water recycle,re-use and water treatment.
Our main mission is to help food and beverage processors prepare from impacted ground water sources,enhance facility throughput and reduce water footprint at the lowest life cycle cost.
Our solutions include treatment of ground water and surface water via filtration and ion exchange,incoming water treatment solutions via filtration, ion exchange, disinfection, and membrane technology,process water treatment solutions using membrane,degeneration, disinfection,sterilization and water treatment solutions that features recovery and re-use, water filtration,membrane filtration,clarification and disinfection,as a package water plant or as a custom design solution and we have a diversity of projects experience,we also includes planning and conceptual design,costs opinion,detailed design,reuse planning/design,land application,construction management and start up/operations.
We also undertake the following jobs from concept to start up :
*Borehole drilling jobs
*Water Treatment jobs
* Bottle and Sachet Water Factory installation
* Tissue paper factory installation
* Biscuit factory installation.

Stanpet Project Water Technology Ltd is a design & build company, and a specialized provider of water treatment solutions tailored to the specific needs of public authorities and industrial customers.
We are committed to offering the highest standards of service and creating added value for our clients while being socially and environmentally responsible.
Stanpet provides intelligent high purity water solutions to our valued clients in a broad range of commercial and industrial markets.
Stanpet has the technologies and capabilities to design, build, install and service water purification systems that exceed your product quality specifications.
With offices located at the commercial center, Lagos and Warri has a location ready to serve you.
Kindly contact us for your Borehole jobs,Water Treatment jobs,Installations of Sachet and Bottle Water Factory, NAFDAC processing.